October 2014
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It’s The End Of The Year Party for Gabriel music!

I have been SOOOO busy making some big moves at Gabriel Music and with 2 mew companies that are in various stages of being launched.


ZapZorn Composer ToolsFirst of all, I want to say I am very proud to announce something I have been working VERY hard on and have officially launched: ZapZorn Elements.  ZapZorn Elements is a new cinematic tonal instrument and sound library that I created for Native Instruments Kontakt Player 5! See the trailer here:

ZapZorn Elements Trailer from ZapZorn Composer Tools on Vimeo.

Read MORE about ZapZorn Elements and how I created it by going here:

12.14.2012 – I am scoring the very first episode of season 8 – The Soccer Episode!!

Dora The Explorer

Dora The Explorer

As I let you know in an earlier update, I have beed added to the roster of scoring composers for Dora The Explorer. In season 7, I had the privilege of scoring the Thanksgiving episode, Dora’s Rockin’ Singalong, and The Butterfly Ball episode where I did both the score and the songs. Now the very first episodes of season 8 is here – the Soccer episode where Dora and her friend take on all the soccer teams to try to win the big game. I also wrote a song earlier this year for that episode called, “Go Go Go!” I am very excited that the great team over at Nick has me making the premier sound for season 8!


12.31.12 My Music Featured on Dora Rocks!

Coming on 12.31.12 the new rockin’ kids cd ‘Dora Rocks’ is coming out with 3 of my songs from season 7. The songs, ‘Busca Los Cascarones,’ ‘Fantastic Gymnastics,’ and ‘Carnivores and Herbivores’ will be on this cd and it is very exciting to be a part of it. Check it out for your little munchkins by picking up a copy – it will be available in every major retailer like right here at Target!




01.14.2013 – BIG NEWS Launching  In 2013!!

Well – the secret is coming out. I am launching a breakthrough music library in 2013. I have 5 top composers (some Emmy winning) working on this library and it will be something the industry will be talking about! The library will have a unique delivery system that will be a first in music libraries – It is so breakthrough that I can’t really reveal more here. I got a MAJOR tv show so excited by that platform that after they saw it, they wanted it immediately for this Mega-Show. Come back in January to see just what it is!